Tiny Tattoos

Join Ostara Wellbeing Academy for our Tiny Tattoo Training – There may be others out there but ours was the first to be accredited! 

We have worked with CPD to get this accredited and to provide a safe, comfortable space for SPMU artists and beginners alike to learn how to create tiny tattoos for their clients. 

Unlike other academies offering this course, we don’t just teach you Fine Line work, we teach a more rounded course so you can offer your clients more!
And should you love it and want to take it further we are excited to also be able to offer the UK’s first Full RQF Tattoo Artistry Qualification!

Tiny tattoos have become the most popular treatment for many of our students and is great addition to any clinic or salon treatment list and a great way to earn extra income!

You will learn: 

Health, Safety, Hygiene and legal requirements

Stencil design and transfer

Needle depth, needle types, inks vs pigments

Machine types and working with your machine correctly

Complications including blowouts and what to do

Line work, dot work, whip shade and small areas of colour

Practice on synthetic skins and live models 

Aftercare support

Please Note: The tattoo industry is not yet regulated by qualifications, rather experience. You will have to continue to build a portfolio afterwards in order to build up your confidence and technique. The conditions for gaining a tattoo license / insurance are dependant on your local borough council and individual insurer, please research and contact them before committing to any of our courses. Each are different, some covering tattooing under PMU, while others have completely different policies. 

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