RQF Tattoo artistry Qualification

Study over 16 weeks (3 weeks in house learning and 13 remote with support)

Must be 18 years of age – No prerequisites needed

Award Winning Ostara Wellbeing Academy are very excited to be one of just 2 academies in the UK to currently offer the Level 3 RQF Tattoo Artistry Qualification (Ofqual, government regulated).

We are excited to be working with an Ofqual regulated accreditor to bring you the most current industry training – Until this course there has been no formally accessible Tattoo qualification so this innovative new course really is set to take the industry to a whole new level!

The course will be over 16 weeks and costs £3499 (finance available).

Students must create a portfolio of evidence that demonstrates achievement of all the learning outcomes and assessment criteria associated with each unit.

Units covered in this course include:

       ·         Relevant Anatomy & Physiology

       ·         Black, White & Grey Tattoo art

       ·         Colour Tattoo art

       ·         Tattoo Shading & Tattooing

       ·         Line work / Dot Work

As well as the above, during your practical training you will cover:

       ·         Tattoo placement

       ·         Design & Stencils

       ·         Needles Types and setting depths / speed

       ·         Inks

       ·         Preventing Blowouts

       ·         Using Thermo Copier – AND SO MUCH MORE!!!

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