Uplift Thy Self


Our Uplift Thy Self candle is lovingly handmade with soy wax and eco friendly wick. The ingredients are inspired by nature’s healing properties.

A dreamy scent of lavender and lemongrass essential oil has been mixed to uplift and enhance your mood.
Lavender is a relaxing scent which encourages calmness and compassion. Lemongrass cuts through emotional fog and clears mental clutter, helping to relieve low moods.

Amethyst is a healing crystal linked to the crown chakra at the top of the head. It cleanses our muddied thoughts and aids clarity within our mind.

Rose quartz chips are used for it’s healing properties of the heart chakra and evokes self care and love for others.

Star anise is used for protection against negativity so can help to clear our energy from low vibrations. Cinnamon is another great mood enhancer, helping to ease away low energy and thoughts.

Our candles are not only made with love but infused with reiki healing energy. All crystals are cleansed with healing energy.

Your candle is 30cl with a burn time of approximately 40hrs ;that gives you plenty of time for self love and care.

A little note will be placed with your candle to guide you on its healing properties

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