Mix and Match Candle Options


Can’t decide on which candle to choose. Well why not Mix and Match.

Our candles are made with eco and vegan friendly ingredients. They are a soy wax base infused with natural oils.

Each candle has a healing crystal and dried flowers and herbs, not just for decoration- all ingredients are chosen to have a healing purpose.

The candles are lovingly handmade with reiki energy infused into them and all crystals and ingredients are cleansed with sage to purify them.

These are 30cl candles and have an approximate burn time of 40 hours, that’s plenty of time for self care.

Suggestions include:

💚 Taking a bath with your candle lit in the background.

💚 Meditating with your candle whilst saying your affirmations.

💚 Having your candle lit when you are taking quiet time, reading a book and having a cuppa.

💚 Using your candle in your own special energy rituals.

Once your candle has burned down, simply wash the crystal and keep with you.

To order please select a pricing option and message me on your order which candles you would like.

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