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You’ve heard the rumours and speculation around the Beauty & Aesthetic industry regarding tighter regulations, so where do you go now?

We got you!!

What DO we know?
Tighter regulations are coming in to effect as of 2024 (this date is subject to change… AGAIN!) to make the industry SAFER.

HOWEVER! Ostara Wellbeing have designed a VTCT government regulated level 4 pathway course which will enable you come back to us to do the required higher-level training with us (at a discounted rate) as and when it IS confirmed.

The course is a 3-6 month pathway (how quickly it is completed depends on YOU!).

Because we want to train you to a standard which will allow you to be ready for your higher education! Most insurers require that you have AT LEAST 6 months needling experience in order to gain cover.

If you can’t handle 6 months now then you will really struggle with the higher level training going forward – see this as a positive thing! Longer training = better education and higher standards of work going forward in your career.

The course:
Stage 1: VTCT Level 2 Infection control
Stage 2: VTCT level 3 Anatomy & Physiology (incl. 2 exams)
Stage 3: Theory work and manuals.
Stage 4: First 4 days of face to face training begins.
Here you will learn all aspects of facial permanent pigmentation (full kit provided) including:
Brows – Hairstroke, Ombre & Powder
Eyes – Eyeliner & Lash line enhancement
Lips – Lip liner & lip blush

Stage 5: Assessment day.
Congratulations! You are now a VTCT ofqual regulated & certified Permanent make-up artist!

Stage 6: Foundation Anti-wrinkle & Filler 4 day CPD course

Learn to safely and effectively administer Botulinum Toxin for the
Forehead, Glabella and Crows feet areas.

Learn to safely and effectively administer foundation fillers, using Hyaluronic acid for Lip augmentation, Marionette lines and Nasolabial folds. 

You will learn Health and Safety and Anatomy & Physiology specific to Filler and Botulinum and learn how to recognise and safely manage complications.

As you are qualified to a level 4 in Permanent make up you can practice anti-wrinkle and fillers currently on a CPD, IF regulations change we will help you get qualified to the required standard

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