Paramedical Micropigmentation


We cover the process of Camouflage and re-pigmentation of areas which have been damaged due to surgery, scarring or hair loss.  Scar Camouflage- learn medical micro-needling and camouflage for scars, stretch marks and skin grafts.

Suitable for male and female clients.

Areola and nipple tattooing methods – Learn to measure, thoroughly consult and create realistic results.

Scalp pigmentation – Learn to create a new hairline, cover up hair loss or complete a full head by adding pigment to the scalp.

Theory of Semi Permanent Makeup including in-depth consultations, dealing with emotions and client expectations, colour mixing for flesh tones, anatomy and healing phases, contra actions and contraindications, colour theory, set up, requirements and business advice.

This is a 4 day course for qualified PMU/Tattoo artists.

Course Investment: £1899 

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