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Frequently Asked Question!

Yes you can. So long as you meet the course criteria to be certificated, our courses are accredited so will allow you to gain insurance in that particular therapy. You can then charge for this particular service.

We do accept male clients as we have a male therapist who is fully trained in massage therapies if you prefer. 

Every individual is different, hence our person centered approach. For some, one treatment may be enough to maintain your well-being for at least a few weeks. However our therapists will discuss the most suitable treatment plan for you in order that you get the maximum benefit out of your therapy.

Person centered is a term first used in counselling therapies. We have adopted it for our treatments. It means that the therapy is based around your individual needs, determined by your preferences. We use a variety of therapies within your session to treat your emotional, psychological & physical needs. Your in depth consultation will allow our therapists to plan your treatment based on what you have told them.

We provide aftercare advice so you can gain the most out of your therapy. It is important to follow to reduce any contra actions (unwanted side effects) & also so that you can maintain results in-between treatments.

Our therapists have completed industry standard training in hygiene & prevention of the spread of Covid. We have decided to implement PPE & ask that our clients wear protective equipment too. Appointments are booked to avoid contact with other clients & all areas/equipment are sanitized fully. We have an up to date Covid policy via our policy page where you can read further information.